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[ Create the beauty of the light, the construction of intimate life ]
  Yung-ups realized that a distinctive image and a successful brand strategy, to occupy the market quickly is crucial, and must therefore create a new image to explain the enterprise content and proper use, that the rapid development of enterprises and international strategies to find aappropriate brand identity solutions, we made ​​a lot of analytical work, and found the embodiment of the fine tradition and creative development of previous projects and brand strengths and brand values​​. Customer concept and objectives of the project almost together, We have therefore created the image to the theme of "Siu Chan, reflects the goal of corporate globalization, international grand and simple style, calm style, and establish the company good brand image.
Business Philosophy
To win market integrity, innovation and open up the market
Talent Concept
Equal competition, survival of the fittest, weaknesses, expertise and resources
Service Concept
You think, for you have made your satisfaction, our pursuit of
Corporate Purposes
Quality first, customer first, reasonable price, good service